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Meet Smart Refresh

Our proprietary API-based query engine, supported by smart in-memory caching features offer you an unmatched reporting experience within your spreadsheets. It is lightning fast, interactive and your data refreshes in real-time.
As an Excel user, you only really have to focus on adding value, the rest is all transparently done.

Powerful GL Functions

Finance pros love us also for our simple and efficient Excel-based functions, specially designed to enhance the experience of creating calculations and reporting on General Ledger and Budget data.
The native Excel nature of our functions provides a unique and simpler way to interrogate your ERP data. Velixo’s functions are the most flexible and powerful functions for financial reporting. They support custom account ranges, account classes, different ledger and financial dimensions. We guarantee you they will save you an enormous amount of time, and even creating the most complex reports will feel like a breeze!

Slice and dice with ease

Use our many array functions to return lists of accounts, companies, projects or dimensions. Create parameters, list-based or formula-based filters that dynamically refresh your lists for a fully interactive experience, on live data.

Have It Your Way

Customize our templates or design your own reports, the way your business needs them.
You may use as many functions as needed in a spreadsheet, on one tab or multiple tabs, in one cell or many tables, however you want.
Thanks to Excel’s unrivaled formatting features, even the most complex reports can be created. Create pixel-perfect statements, with titles, grouped rows, supporting notes, blank lines, custom fonts, floating graphs, linked sheets or even custom buttons to name a few options…
With Velixo, you can rest assured there are no layout or formatting limitations, and never any scenario where your formatting is lost when data updates.

Any data using Generic Inquiry

Our comprehensive General Inquiry function will let you extract any transactional data from almost any entity or screen of your ERP in real-time, allowing you to create reports on any data instantly using standard Excel features.

Comprehensive Project functions

You don’t have to think about which tables or queries to use. Our pre-packaged Project functions are simple Excel-based functions that retrieve all your Project balances, budgets, committed amounts and quantities, as well as other information related to projects and tasks directly from your ERP.

Consolidate your sources

Multiple companies, chart of accounts, currencies, fiscal calendars, different tenants, data sources? Those are very common scenarios that Velixo is optimized for. We can consolidate it all in the same spreadsheet, including handling eliminations.

Link your existing reports

Do you manually create your reports in Excel? Do you already use an Excel-based tool to produce them?

Think of Velixo as an extension of Excel’s native functions; our functions can be inserted in any cell, easily propagated on rows or columns, and you can use as many as you want. This makes it so easy to take whatever investment you already have and migrate it to Velixo to get a repeatable, fully connected-to-your-ERP experience.

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