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Velixo Case Study: Yardnique

Damien Zwillinger
Case Study
1 min
We met with Rob Wood – CFO, and Tom Flanagan – Controller at Yardnique to talk about their experience with Velixo and how it changed the game for them.

Customer summary

  • Company: Yardnique – https://yardnique.com/
  • Location: Morrisville, NC, USA
  • Industry: Technical services / Landscape Maintenance Services and Design
  • ERP System: Sage Intacct

About Yardnique

Yardnique specializes in community landscape design, maintenance, and preservation for property managers, HOA boards, and multifamily and residential developers. Yardnique protects the quality, lifestyle, and environmental standards of the communities they serve. Keep an eye out for their bright orange trucks in communities across the southeastern United States!

Key challenges

The solution

Simply Velixo!

Within 2 weeks of trialing Velixo after an initial demonstration and with almost no training, Yardnique went from "nothing to everything", they were able to produce and automate the strategic reports the business needed - themselves, without reinventing the wheel

Sage Intacct is a better ERP system, but we were lacking the export of formulas to Excel. With Velixo, it was a plug-and-play experience for our existing reports and it’s instant. It saves 2-3 hours every time I hit the refresh button.

Velixo as a game changer

Favorite features

Growing into functionality

Yardnique realizes there are still functionality in Velixo they are yet to take full advantage of, notably:

The Velixo team is looking forward to catching up with Tom and Rob again and witnessing continued positive outcomes for Yardnique.

If you would like to discuss this success story with Velixo, please contact us or book your demo today!

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