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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Velixo Certified Consultant.

Sales and Proliferation of a product is related to many factors, a major one being knowledge of the product in the market  together with the application of the product. End Users talk when they have had their pain points easily and simply dealt
with. Having “simple” yet “complete” answers to their problems goes a long way toward easing those pain points. Customer satisfaction and confidence can also increase consulting revenue for Business Partners, so there is also a  commercial reason beyond just selling Velixo.

If you are interested in getting certified, then you have found the right page!

Certification Process

The process is simple and designed to achieve its goal, but not be onerous on someone who wants to learn the product:

Software Knowledge

  1. Installation
    The first step is to install Velixo and ensure that Excel is correctly configured.
  2. Making Connections
    You should be able to create connections to your data and edit those connections – this is required before you can get started.
  3. Requirements
    Without being completely prescriptive, the minimum requirements that we would expect an CRP to include fall into  four main categories:
General Ledger Module
Projects Requirements

Demonstrate a working knowledge of the Velixo Project Module functions. There are no specific requirements for these functions, as the skills necessary are very similar to those involved in creating a General Ledger report. We simply want to see that you understand how to access and filter the data using the Velixo project functions.

Generic Inquiries/Queries and List Functions Requirements 

Show a knowledge of the Velixo Generic Inquiry functions, as well as the List functions and using the array-aware features of Velixo. Demonstrate that you know how to bring the data into Excel and then manipulate it.

Additional Skills

The consultant needs to ensure that they demonstrate an understanding of the use of all the following:
Distribution Lists (including changing report parameters)

Submission & Review

Submit the pack to [email protected] and we will review it and if necessary, come back to you with feedback. Here is an example of a checklist that a Velixo reviewer might use to help in evaluating your submission:

Certification Badge

The final Certification approval and badge will be sent to you after a successful

Resources available

Our Help Center, our Youtube channel and our Community forums include everything you need to gain the knowledge for creating your submission.

Look for:

Assistance & Training

If you require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].

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