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Native ERP security, coupled with cloud centralization and collaboration gives you complete peace of mind

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Enterprise governance, fully integrated to your ERP

Our native ERP integrations in Excel with optional cloud storage in Microsoft 365 make Velixo the most flexible and secure reporting tool for a modern organization.

ERP authentication & per-user security

Single Sign-on logins ensure you use the same credentials that you use with your ERP, and any interactivity from your Velixo reports to your ERP never requires an additional login.
Your security context as an ERP user is also extracted, ensuring the same access rights set up for your user in the ERP carries over to Velixo, making sure users can only ever see the data they’re allowed to see in the ERP.
Velixo also supports multi-factor authentication.

Enterprise security

Velixo complies with modern security and data transfer protocols. Our connections are made directly from your Excel file to your ERP using secured API-based connections over HTTPS (TLS 1.2).
Users’ credentials are never stored in Excel files. When using the “Remember Me” option, the password is encrypted and locally stored on your device.
In addition to this, you may password-protect your sheets or cells, and force your reports to update on open.

Available on any device (unlike others!)

Velixo is available in two versions, a Classic version optimized for Desktop Excel on Windows devices.
And in addition to our Desktop version for Windows, Velixo is also available as an add-in on the Microsoft 365 Store, which supports Excel on Mac and Excel Online, ensuring that absolutely any device running any operating system with a standard internet browser is fully supported.

Constantly refined. Auto updated.

Our auto-updater will ensure that you always remain on the latest version and can benefit from our latest enhancements. We frequently update Velixo, so stay tuned for our in-app enhancement notifications.

State-of-the-art centralization & collaboration, powered by Microsoft 365

No silos, none, zero! Our native integrations with Microsoft 365 enable IT or any team to security centralize their assets, appropriately govern them and collaborate, on any device.

Cloud storage & centralization, for everybody

At Velixo, we asked ourselves: why focus on platform, cloud and collaboration features, when Microsoft already has this fully covered, boasting an impressive community of 750 million users and a truly unmatched innovation pace?
The answer was simple, don’t! Add value with ERP integrations and usability, and let users leverage all the powers and amazing platforms and services of Microsoft 365, including SharePoint for centralizing Excel reports, creating data catalogs, organizing teams in departmental sites; as well as OneDrive for Business for storing and synchronizing files between all devices.

Advanced collaboration

There are so many ways that Excel, SharePoint and Teams together can empower your teams to become more inter-connected, make discoveries and produce even the most complex reports.
Use co-authoring, comments, share files’ links, store, embed or organize reports in Teams sites, create Teams Tasks, chat or meet co-workers.

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