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Why Velixo

Supercharge your reporting, budgeting and automations, using the Excel you love.

We are on a mission to accelerate businesses’ transformation through meaningful outcomes and efficiencies. To do this, we lead with years of experience in the ERP industry and focus on innovative, highly flexible and productive features that are designed with users in mind, for users!

What do we do

We help organizations of all sizes in every industry grow and make automated, data-driven decisions faster using the Velixo platform, that is optimized for self-service reporting, budgeting and many data integration scenarios.

Users love Velixo for its ERP integrations, its simplicity, usability and flexibility. They feel empowered with a real-time reporting tool that they can own, that lets them produce pixel-perfect and fully dynamic reports of any shape or form. Live data analysis is fully supported through drilldown to transactional data within Excel or within their ERP, and users can get further insights from built-in AI assistant tools and report distribution features.

But Velixo isn’t just a multi-awarded reporting tool. Thanks to its Writeback features, we enable pushing any data back to your ERP from Excel. Journal transactions, budgets, project forecasts, or any data to any object of your ERP in real-time from Excel. Those features allow users to automate many workflows and achieve significant time savings that boost their productivity and competitiveness.

We’re unique

Others just don’t do the same!

We’re laser focused on user experiences that accelerate your business outcomes. Zero friction!
Self-Service with full governance
  • Let your users own their work and take back their time
  • No silos of data with live connections/ refreshes and centralization in SharePoint
  • SSO and per-user data security, synchronized from your ERP
  • Fully interactive – real-time reporting, with exploration of data in Excel or directly in your ERP
Have it your way
  • Available on any version of Excel, Windows or Mac. Desktop or Cloud.
  • Your statements version-controlled, pixel-perfect, with Notes, one-cell values, formatted the way you want, using any layout, thanks to Excel
  • Natively Excel delivered. Stay in Excel for further analysis, budgeting or data push scenarios
  • Share or distribute using our automated distribution features
Zero learning curve
  • If you know how to Excel, you know how to Velixo!
  • Up to speed in no-time, limited training needed
  • You only interact with Excel-like functions, it’s a simple and efficient reporting experience
  • No other software, license or platform dependency
  • No programming language to learn
Peace of mind
  • Trust Your data, it’s fully integrated to your ERP
  • Built from the ground up for your ERP
  • Backed by a large community of partners and customers
  • Velixo is constantly refined and auto-updated
  • Get Started with pre-built Templates
Grow without worry
  • Simple subscription plans that follows you and that you can upgrade
  • Moving from somewhere? An ERP or another reporting software? Migrate in days not months!
  • Unparalleled performance and scalability
Efficiency & integration at our core
  • Real-time Budgeting and Data Push features
  • Leverage the myriads of available Microsoft 365 apps that are naturally in Velixo’s ecosystem
  • Teams for effective Collaboration
  • SharePoint Online as the centralized , cross-department repository
  • Power Automate for smart user or automated trigger-based workflows

Achieve significant outcomes

Save a tremendous amount of time and effort, and reach business outcomes faster

Make key decisions faster

Become more data driven. Deliver insights at scale, with repeatable, live, automated data, all within the comfort of Excel.

Save on labor costs, on all fronts

Automate labor-intensive and manual work, take back your time, and save hours every week.

Become more efficient

Automate data entry processes, integrate data with our data push forms to write data back to your ERP.


Increase in reporting speed

“We have cut our financial report generation process down to minutes and not hours. We can turn around ad-hoc financial requests instantaneously. It has made our process fast, lean and more transparent.” Joseph Steele, Quick Quack Car Wash, Director of IT


Reduction in month-end close time

“Velixo Reports has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes for my month-end financial statement preparation. I couldn’t be happier.” Larry Hooks, Berthold technologies, Controller


Efficiency through writeback automation

“The ability to write my forecasts back in bulk saves me lots of back and forth and manual entries, I estimate it reduces our budgeting process from days to hours.” Donna M. James, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Finance Manager

Our community

Thousands of companies of every size, in every industry and hundreds of expert partners around the world trust Velixo.

About us

We are a team of tech and ERP professionals with a mission to accelerate businesses’ transformation through meaningful outcomes and efficiencies, leveraging the latest technologies, Microsoft 365 and ERPs’ unique capabilities. We achieve these results with a great product and a focus on customers and user experiences.

Sold predominantly through a large network of partners, Velixo serves ERP customers of every size, in every industry, by enhancing the reporting and budgeting experience of their ERP using the Velixo Excel add-in, and introducing a world of innovative features and integrations, that makes it so efficient and a no-brainer for users.

The software has seen incredible adoption, thanks to the fun and diverse team that develops it as well as a community strong of thousands of customers and hundreds of VAR partners, who for the third and consecutive year have helped Velixo retain a perfect satisfaction score across ERP and review platforms such as G2 Crowd. Velixo has the highest satisfaction ratings across the industry, with several G2 Crowd recognitions such as: High Performer, Best Meets RequirementsEasiest to do business withUsers most likely to recommend.

The ERP software vendors we attach to have awarded us several awards over the years, notably:

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