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Velixo is your value creation steward, for all your strategic reporting, planning, automation & analysis. Excel-based, fully integrated to your ERP and Microsoft 365.

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Unmatched Excel-based, self-service reporting experience for ERPs.

Let your finance & operational departments own their work and take back their time.

Fast data extraction & insights

Our proprietary Smart Refresh engine is optimized for fast API extractions and in-memory caching, online or offline. It’s all transparently done!

GL, Budget, Project or any data

Simple and efficient features specially designed to enhance the experience of creating calculations and reporting on General Ledger, Budget, and Project data.

Slice and dice with ease

Create multi-feed queries with data-validated, parameter or formula-based filters for a fully interactive reporting experience.

Excel-like, Accelerator Functions

Our Accelerator functions are specially designed to work with your ERP. They’re discoverable, support Intelligence. They will save you hours of work and make report creation feel like a breeze.

Have it your way

Design your multi-tab statements the way you need: pixel-perfect, with cell values, supporting Notes, floating graphs. Zero limitations!

Consolidate your ERPs

Multiple companies, currencies, different tenants, ERPs . Velixo can consolidate it all..

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Excel is the best tool for the job

80% of businesses who tried alternatives always come back to Excel anyway!

Zero learning curve

If you know how to Excel, you know how to Velixo!

Up to speed in minutes, not days

Almost no training required. Efficient and simple.

No other platform dependency

No extra license or hidden fee, only Excel (Desktop or Online).

No programming language to learn

It’s just Velixo and Excel-goodness.


Details at your fingertips with smart ERP exploration and interactions.

We give you the tools to get to the bottom of it and jump back to your ERP if needed.

Smart drilldown

See the underlying transactions that make up the numbers, by simply right clicking a cell, even on a calculation.

Jump back to your ERP

Do you need to edit a number or review notes, details, in your ERP? Simply click our Smart drilldown links to open the original documents in your ERP.

Stay in Excel for further analysis

80% of data analysis occurs in Excel. Good thing, you’re already there!

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Budget & Plan

Efficient budgeting & planning features for all your scenarios.

Create your budgeting & forecasting scenarios in your ERP with confidence from Excel.

Budget & Plan without limits

Create powerful GL or budgeting templates, and post entries without leaving Excel, thanks to our optimized templates and Writeback features.

Repeatable budgeting on always up-to-date data

Budget your way, using any input or distribution method, on always up-to-date financial data. Post data back to your ERP and review in seconds.

Efficient Project Forecasting

Powerful and flexible templates and functions optimized for Project forecasting scenarios – extending often limited ERP forecasting options.

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Change the game by pushing entries to your ERP, in bulk.

Automate manual data entry, all from within Excel, alongside your reporting and forms.

Generated Push forms

Automatically-generated Push forms in Excel, based on extracted input scenarios from your ERP.

Data Push in bulk

Data is pushed in bulk to your ERP in a Pending state, then approve the inputs in your ERP. This can be used for Journal Transactions, Budget allocations, Project Forecasting or Bills even if coming from an external source.

Automate manual input processes

Automate inputs from data that already lives in Excel or can easily be retrieved, or generated in Excel.

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Achieve significant outcomes

Save a tremendous amount of time and effort, and reach business outcomes faster

Make key decisions faster

Save on labor costs, on all fronts

Become more efficient

Govern & Collaborate

Because entreprise governance must be at the heart of any business.

Native ERP security, coupled with cloud centralization and collaboration gives you complete peace of mind.

ERP authentication

Single-Sign-On and ERP system authentication ensure nobody else gets access to your corporate data.

Enterprise security

Secure data transfers and data protection.

Centralize your assets

Further secure, store and centralize your assets with a cross-department repository, using Microsoft 365 SharePoint and OneDrive.

Available on any device

Unlike others, Velixo is fully supported on Windows or Mac and also Online, as a modern Microsoft 365 Store add-on.


Velixo’s simple, upgradable subscription plans let you focus on work. Velixo is a fully scalable solution that will follow you wherever you go.

Constantly refined & Auto-updated

Velixo auto-updater ensures that you always benefit from the latest enhancements, which we often release.

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Distribute & Automate

Lead the pack and turn your organization into a modern powerhouse.

Share your good work, create amazing, automated workflows.

Trigger-based automations

Create automations based on triggers or alerts, and automate your policies, using Velixo and Microsoft Power Automate.

Automatic report distribution

Automatically export and email multiple reports in one click. Report distribution is customizable so you can include different tabs and dynamically filter data for a given recipient.

Embed and collaborate faster

As a native Excel Desktop and Online add-in, we are fully integrated to the Microsoft 365 and Power platforms, and you can easily embed your Excel reports in Word, PowerPoint or Teams.

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Get a Head Start

Start from somewhere, get new ideas with our productized Templates.

Accelerate your time-to-value with Velixo Templates.

Financial Reporting

Profit & Loss
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Cash Flow statements
Bank and Expense
Asset re-evaluation

Financial Consolidation

Multi-company statements
Local and reporting currency statements
Currency Translation auditing
Inter-company control reports

Financial Close Management

Account reconciliations
Bank reconciliations
Intercompany management

Budgeting & Planning

Strategic Planning
Cash Flow Planning
Scenario Analysis
Expense & Revenue Planning

Project Forecasting

Project reporting
Project forecasting
Consumption & cost forecasting

Operational Analysis

Accounts receivable aging
Accounts payable aging

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