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Accelerate business outcomes, and make your reporting, planning and automation efficient and fun.

We are on a mission to accelerate businesses’ transformation through meaningful outcomes and efficiencies. To do this, we lead with years of experience in the ERP industry and focus on innovative, highly flexible and productive features that are designed with users in mind, for users!
Velixo, the company

It all started with a business problem and a friendship …

Founded in 2017, Montreal, Quebec by Gabriel Michaud, a former General manager at Acumatica Labs, Velixo has grown to become a global software company with thousands of customers across the world.
The software now supports a variety of other ERP software and has seen an incredible adoption by the community. Sold predominantly through a large network of partners, Velixo serves ERP customers of every size, in every industry, by enhancing the reporting and budgeting experience of their ERP using the Velixo Excel add-in, and introducing a world of innovative features and integrations, that makes it so efficient and a no-brainer for users.

Meet the Team

We are a fun and diverse team of tech and ERP professionals with a passion for user experiences and solving the real problems that bring real value.

We think that’s why everyone loves Velixo, they can feel this drive and passion in our product and our interactions with them!

Some of our Usual Suspects

You may already have interacted and seen some of those faces at events, in our blogs, forums, chatbots, or YouTube channels..

Duffy Cohen

VP, Sales and Customer Success
Duffy is a passionate sales and customer success leader with 8+ years of experience in the SaaS industry and one of the early recruits at Velixo. When he's not hustling to close deals, you'll likely find him lacing up his sneakers or packing his bags for his next adventure. When it comes to travel, he is always itching to explore new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes.
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Enthia Halder

Customer Success Manager
Enthia is a Customer Success Manager with 3+ years of experience in the software space. Professionally throughout her unique career path as a Customer Success Manager and ex-healthcare worker, she has always excelled at working with people and problem solving. She has experience working with others of various backgrounds and loves finding solutions to her clients’ unique challenges. If she is not working, you can find her traveling, painting or trying new recipes!
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Harry Lewis

Technical Content Manager, Product Support Specialist
With both an MBA and a bachelor's degree in computer science, Harry has applied technology and business for over 30 years. Since joining Velixo in 2020, Harry has led our Technical Documentation, Training, and Support teams to keep our clients up to date on the latest in the Velixo world.
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Liubov Kabir

Quality Assurance Engineer
Liubov is a software quality assurance professional, confidently standing on guard to deliver the best version of product to clients. In her offline life – a true countryside lover, studying yoga-based practices.
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Stanislav Ratashnyuk

Full-Stack Software Engineer
Stanislav is a senior software engineer with over 15 years of development experience (including ERP customization) / DevOps, and project management. When he’s not adding our next feature to the product, he would be found paragliding, surfing, or reading sci-fi books.
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Gabriel Michaud

President, Founder
Gabriel is a Canadian software engineer and the founder of Velixo. He was introduced to programming at a young age and has been working on ERP software for more than 20 years. He founded and cofounded many companies, and in 2009 became the first partner of Acumatica in Canada. After working on multiple implementation, customization and development projects on the Acumatica platform, Mr. Michaud joined Acumatica in 2013 as the General Manager of Acumatica Labs until 2017. Among other things, the word curiosity could define Gabriel. He always wants to learn something new. Can do everything while listening to music, influence of a musician father. He loves his three children and his role as a father.
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Talibah Gordon

Customer Success Manager Team Lead
Talibah is Velixo’s Customer Success Manager team lead. She is a confident and experienced CSM manager, passionate about people, user experiences and obsessed with customer satisfaction. Talibah helps our customers unlock new possibilities or open their minds about what can be done with Velixo. If you haven’t talked to Talibah yet then we can’t wait for you to!
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Sardor Shukurov

Software Engineer
Sardor is a senior software engineer with over 15 years of experience. A back-end heavy engineer who’s passionate about software architecture and refactoring. In his free time, he's a dad of two wonderful kids and an amateur cook of “plov” (a traditional Uzbek dish).
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Pavel Kabir

Chief Technology Officer
Pavel is an experienced CTO working in enterprise applications and ERP since 2015. As one of the first recruits of Velixo, you would find multiple hats in his wardrobe, such as one for Solution Architect, Technical Product Manager or Tech Lead. Above all, Pavel views it as his mission to ship code that solves business pains of customers - code that should be exceptionally clean, maintainable, and performant.
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Indira Brígida

Meet Indira! She became an accountant 14 years ago, the day she discovered that it could be exciting to balance accounts and play with numbers. When she's not crunching numbers, Indira enjoys spending time with her family in Brazil, or hanging out with friends in Canada. Spending time with her son, listening to music or studying spirituality are her other passions.
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João Gamboa

Software Engineer
João holds a master’s degree in Transportation Engineering and has over 8 years of experience in software development, large database processing, analysis, and reporting automation. He enjoys algorithms, challenging tasks - the process and struggle of finding efficient and novel solutions to problems.
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Damien Zwillinger

Chief Product Officer
Damien is a Data & Analytics enthusiast with 16 years of experience in product management, within the software, ERP and BI industries. Based out of Australia, he has worked with some of the biggest vendors, creating innovative solutions for customers globally. When he is not modeling data or working on product roadmap, he would be seen playing beach volleyball, cooking a nice French meal, enjoying time with his children, or reading about the latest advancements in tech.
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Manon Fleury

Accounting Manager
Manon has been working in the accounting field in Canada for more than 30 years, and with the wonderful Velixo family since December 2020. In her spare time, she is a full time 'drop me off Mom' ... She quotes: “Moooooommmmm can you drop me off at my friend's house?” .”., at school”, “… at the mall”, “… downtown etc....pleaaaassseee)
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Pooria Forootan

Reporting Analyst
Pooria is a data enthusiast with a true passion for Excel as Velixo’s reporting analyst. He brings a focused, professional, and friendly attitude to our professional services department, working directly with and in support of our large partner network and our customers. He likes to cook, eat, and study AI and Machine Learning in his spare time.
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Alessandro Rodrigues

Software Engineer
Alessandro is a software engineer based out of São Paulo, Brazil. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and started at Velixo in March 2022. He spends his workdays navigating the code of Velixo NX, and off work, Alessandro likes to spend time with his family, and look for places to skateboard.
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Jeremy Myers

Channel Sales Manager
Jeremy is an entrepreneurial sales professional with over 20+ years of experience. His expertise lies in identifying and developing intricate technical solutions for clients and partners, ranging from mid-market to enterprise sales. He has successfully led programs via direct sales, OEM, and channel partnerships with specialized knowledge in analytics, SaaS, accounting, HRIS, and merchant services. Outside of work, Jeremy spends quality time with his family and friends. He is also passionate about sports, cooking, and travel.
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Jason Potoka

Product Marketing specialist
Jason is Velixo's product marketing specialist and our content writer, coming from our partner: Presales Leader. Most of our blog posts and some of our videos come from Jason!
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