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Data integration from Excel, augmented for your ERP

Thanks to our deep integration with your ERP, Velixo gives you extremely efficient data integration tools that can save you hours every week and replace your manual data entry work.

Excel-based data push, in bulk

Velixo gives you the unique ability to push data in bulk, from an Excel sheet.
Using our Generic Writeback feature and the flexibility and power of Excel, we enable you with a way to push this data directly to your ERP and avoid manually inputting all those records one by one in your ERP.

Auto-generated Push forms

We have packaged a series of Push templates that directly integrate with the APIs provided by your ERP. Simply select one of them from our menu and start populating the forms to push data in bulk, all from within Excel.

Automate your manual data entry processes

Our unique Excel and ERP integrations offer you a new way to push any data through to your ERP our Push forms in bulk, from Excel. This data may originate from a custom form in Excel (e.g. Sales commissions, AP Bills, Customer quotes, Expense logging, Stock-taking or timesheet information), from already pulled data from your ERP, transformed data in Excel or even external sources.
This gives you a unique opportunity to automate some of your manual data entry processes, save hours of work and avoid human mistakes.

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