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Budgeting & planning in Excel, augmented for your ERP

Thanks to our deep integration with your ERP, Velixo gives you all the tools for efficient planning.

Budget & Plan without limits

We know that it can be time consuming to manually enter Journal transactions or budget data in an ERP, it may even be limited. We also know that quite often it starts in Excel…
With Velixo, you can change your budgeting & planning processes, by using the flexibility and power of Excel and Velixo to publish Journal Transactions, Budgets or any other data directly to your ERP, in any way supported by Excel!

Repeatable budgeting on always up-to-date data

Our auto-generated GL and Budgeting Writeback forms are deeply integrated with your ERP and work with your existing budget structures.
Budget data may originate from your Velixo financial statements, work alongside them and use any distribution method on always up-to-date data, and you can then synchronize this budget data back to your ERP in seconds.
With Velixo, you can create repeatable budget plans, and save a tremendous amount of time every month! No more manual data entry in your ERP with Velixo Writeback.

Project Forecast writeback

Our auto-generated Project Forecast Writeback forms are at the heart of our Project Reporting & forecasting solution, and are fully integrated with your ERP, so that your forecasting experience stays connected.
Project Forecasting works alongside your Project reporting and uses our many Project functions and templates.
Financial report templates

Get a head start with our Budget templates

We know it could be daunting at first to create a whole set of reports and budgeting models, so we have packaged key budgeting and planning templates that you can use and connect in minutes and then further customize to your needs.
Can’t find what you are looking for? Simply share your questions with the Velixo community or contact us.

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