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Velixo Case Study: Mid-States Companies

Jason Potoka
Case Study
3 min

Key Challenge

Project estimating and quoting in a disconnected Excel workbook led to inefficiencies, inconsistency, and significant manual effort to maintain accurate data.


Velixo completely changed how project managers estimate projects with live ERP data, speeding up the project timeline and keeping the ERP and Excel sheets in sync.


About Mid-States Companies

Mid-States Companies offer premier millwright, design, crane, and trucking services. Our fabrication company offers quality structural steel products and material handling equipment. We are committed to building professional working relationships with each of our clients. It is our mission to anticipate, recognize and exceed our customer’s expectations. Visit us at our website!

Velixo: Game Changer

  1. Streamlined Quoting: Workbooks are now fully bidirectional. Live data (materials, pricing, vendors) flows into Excel sheets for estimating purposes and then writes back to Acumatica with one click to either create or update records.
  2. Data Validation: With Velixo’s list and Generic Inquiry functions, data validation lists in Excel provide live, up-to-date selections without manual effort. This supports best practices at Mid-States by requiring data to be properly updated in Acumatica (creating new vendor records, etc.) early in the order process.
  3. Reducing Manual Effort: The Projected Cash Flow report, managed in Excel, no longer requires manual updates since Velixo workbooks are always up to date!
  4. Reconciling Data: Utilizing Excel functionality to easily identify data that no longer matches Acumatica, then leveraging Generic Writeback to mass update those records and preserve the single source of truth.
  5. Unlimited User Licensing: 40 people at Mid-States use Velixo-enhanced spreadsheets. Since they are not paying per user, they are maximizing the value of their Velixo subscription and empowering the entire team. Live connectivity and data validation preserve standardized forms for projects.


For the PDF version of this Velixo Case Study, click here: Mid-States Customer Success Story

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