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Case Study: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Jason Potoka
Case Study
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Back in February at Sage Transform 2024, Tom Roberts – Systems Business Analyst at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) came by our booth to introduce himself and praise Velixo. We recently caught up with him to discuss how Velixo changed the game for MADD, an amazing Not-For-Profit business that Velixo is very humble to have as a customer.

Customer summary

  • Company: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)  https://madd.org
  • Headquarter: Irving, Texas, USA
  • Operations: USA, Canada, Brazil
  • Industry: Not-For-Profit, Community Awareness
  • ERP System: Sage Intacct
  • 1 Year with Velixo
  • 2 Report designers, 50+ users

About MADD

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a non-profit organization in the USA, Canada and Brazil dedicated to preventing drunk driving and supporting victims of this preventable crime. Founded in 1980 by Candace Lightner after her daughter was killed by a drunk driver, MADD has been instrumental in raising awareness about the dangers of impaired driving and advocating for stricter laws and penalties. Through education, victim support services, and advocacy efforts, MADD strives to eliminate drunk driving and save lives on the roads.

In the USA, MADD serves a role in each state, working tirelessly to achieve the goal of No More Victims. The MADD’s Finance team, CFO – Amber Kinney, Controller – Jackie Mottola,  Assistant Controller – Ben Davis, and the amazing staff of accountants are centrally located in Irving,  Texas at MADD’s headquarters.  The accountants work with Regional and State directors to aid in invoicing, allocation of funds, and expense reporting.

Key Challenges

MADD adopted Sage Intacct in 2017. They utilized the native reporting features as well as other platforms alongside Sage Intacct for budgeting and reporting, but:

Velixo as a Game Changer

Self-service without limits

Simple to Use

“If you’ve ever used the SUM function in Excel, you can pull data out of Intacct. It’s that easy!”

Up and Running Quickly

Simply plug-and-play Velixo functions into existing spreadsheets to turn them into live, dynamic reports.


Velixo allows the MADD team of two analysts to build internal templates they share with end-users who can customize them to their needs.

Significant Efficiency Boost

"30 person-hours is saved every month, by being able to quickly access information"

Multi-Dimension Reports

Velixo allows MADD to create reports with as many dimensions as they need, the way they want it.

Live data without API costs

Since API costs are included in Velixo's subscription - this is not extra - MADD is in control of their API costs.

Tom gave us an example for why multi-dimensionality is critical to MADD:

“MADD hosts multiple events, ‘Walk Like MADD’ as fundraisers. Each of these events are a unique Project within Sage Intacct and have at minimum four dimensions, Class (an expense Grant funded or not), Department (where funds would be credited), Location (Functional Expense) and Employee.

Velixo enables us to show Employee cost over Functional Expense for any number of locations and if those costs are grant covered or not.”

"Prior to Velixo this would mean running multiple reports for each dimension then manually trying to get them aligned."

Favorite features

Tom praised Velixo for the following features. In his own words:

He also made a comment about the Velixo Help center:


What’s next for MADD

MADD is planning to enable access to non-Finance members to empower their Regional and State Directors with more reports, enabling data driven actions with the ability to see areas of under and over-spend and identifying ways to compare Program effectiveness of funds spent.

They’re also into building better dashboards, and automating alerts by notifying the business based on different metrics such as: Vendor aging exceeding Payment terms.

At the time of writing, Velixo only just released its universal Writeback function that is able to push data to any object of Sage Intacct. Tom expressed a strong interest in this feature for creating new Vendors and Purchase Orders in bulk, among many other use cases.

It may very well be that we write about their experience with universal Writeback in a Part II!

If you would like to discuss this success story with Velixo, please contact us or book your demo today!

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