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Take the pain out of report distribution with Velixo Reports 4.0

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The process of regularly assembling and distributing a financial or project reporting package can be tedious. The new Distribution Lists feature in Velixo Reports 4.0 allows you to quickly distribute reports to a large number of users in a single click. Reports can be sent by e-mail or simply saved to a folder in a variety of formats. You have the freedom to include specific content (sheets/tabs) or use different parameters (company, branch, division, financial period, etc.) based on the recipient. Highly sensitive data can be password protected.

These are just some examples of what can be achieved — Report Distribution lists are extremely versatile, powerful, yet very simple to use.

How to use the new Report Distribution feature

Easy! From any spreadsheet, start by creating a blank Report Distribution list. We take care of that process for you when you click on the New Distribution List button:

The New Distribution List button allows you to create a new worksheet with all the fields you need to setup report distribution. 

What you will then see is a new spreadsheet that contains all the fields needed to setup report distribution:

As you may have guessed, all you have to do at this point is fill in the blanks. Here’s a description of all the different settings:

By default the distribution list shows 10 (blank) rows, but you are free to add as many as you want. An Excel workbook can contain multiple distribution lists, so if you have different monthly/quarterly/yearly runs or simply occasional distribution requirements feel free to add as many lists as you need and give your lists unique and memorable names.

Reports can be run with different parameters for each recipient. You can configure the parameters in the Distribution List by adding new columns to the list. The name of the column should match a named range in your spreadsheet. Velixo Reports will apply the parameters automatically during distribution.

Putting it all together

Here’s a completed example:

A Velixo Reports Distribution List — one click is all it takes to process it!

To start the distribution process, click on “Distribute All” in the Excel toolbar. The example above would generate 9 different copies of the current report:

You may also select a few rows only and use the “Distribute Selected Rows” option:


Existing customers will get an upgrade notification when they open Excel. The roll-out will start at the end of January. If you’re not a Velixo Reports Pro user and would like to buy a license, please contact your partner or visit our web site at www.velixo.com for more information.

Sign up for a Velixo Reports webinar — be happy

If Acumatica Excel reporting is important to your organization, then the choice is obvious: Velixo is the only reporting-tool of its kind designed for Acumatica, by Acumatica experts. You can be up and running within a few minutes.

Visit our web site at www.velixo.com to learn more about Velixo Reports or sign up for one of our upcoming webinars and see why so many Acumatica customers trust Velixo for all their financial and project reporting needs.

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