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VPI Technology Group – Client Case Study

Case Study
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“Velixo has a great product and an amazing team. I like this partnership! We’ll have to keep it going” – Morgan Taylor, CFO of VPI Group

Over the past few months, Velixo has made a conscious effort to reach out to our existing customers to find out how our product has helped and how we could further improve our service. We have had such amazing feedback! Continual growth and advancements are important to us, not just in the software we provide, but also the service and ongoing support.

Recently we spoke with Morgan Taylor, CFO at VPI Technology Group.

About VPI Technology 

VPI Technology Group is a technology services firm, specializing in multi-discipline engineering services including electrical, mechanical, firmware, and software as well as prototyping, certification and testing services, electronics manufacturing, and fulfillment. As a product development partner, VPI Group performs full, turnkey and single-stage electronic product development. VPI Group specializes in new product development for cutting-edge technologies and innovative products across various industries.

As a medium-sized business, VPI Group has strategic reporting needs, and that is what has brought Velixo Reports and VPI Group together.


During the initial selection of Acumatica, Morgan and his team recognized that a weakness of Acumatica was its integration with Excel and the ability to mine data for analytical and reporting purposes as well as being able to push journal entries directly into Acumatica.

According to Morgan Taylor, “In our business, there are also several business processes and ERP functions that Acumatica cannot provide,  so these function as 3rd party systems and Excel still serves as the integration point between each of these”, hence making Velixo, as a plug-in for excel highly functional.

If you have Acumatica, you already need Velixo!.


VPI Technology Group deployed Acumatica as its financial portion of its ERP on the 1st of January 2019. In April 2019, Velixo was deployed throughout the company, to assist in the creation of financial reports and the use of Excel. According to Morgan Taylor, the biggest improvements after implementing Velixo were:

These processes were further automated thanks to VBA and macros technology available in the latest Velixo Release (made possible, in large part by suggestions coming from VPI Technology).

Velixo provided a critical tool that was missing from the Acumatica solution to be able to mine rich data from Acumatica for a variety of analytical purposes, as well as maintain integration between existing 3rd party ERP systems and Acumatica. Velixo serves as the glue between each of these systems and, perhaps a part of the beauty, is many of our team doesn’t even know it is there since it functions so seamlessly. Velixo is very simple and easy to use.” – Morgan Taylor


Velixo has formed a strong relationship with CFO Morgan Taylor and his team. When asked if he would recommend this product to other companies, here is what Morgan had to say:

“I spent quite a bit of time evaluating the product. I have a fairly technical understanding of Acumatica, databases, and how to directly interface Excel with Acumatica. I had previously implemented many of the features in Velixo directly including the ability to query data and import GLs from Excel during the integration phase of the project. After evaluating the product and even with my technical experience and existing code, it became an easy decision to utilize an excellent, well developed, well-maintained tool on the market than to attempt other paths. Velixo had the right features, functionality, and ease of use to make it an easy decision for any business”

Check out their home page for additional information about how VPI Technology Group supports companies through the product development journey.

To find out more about how Velixo Reports can help your business, head to our home page or contact us at [email protected].

We would like to thank Morgan and the team at VPI Technologies for participating in our case study.

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