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Velixo launches with CEGID

Jason Potoka
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Velixo, the leading provider of Excel-based reporting solutions for cloud based ERP, has officially launched with CEGID XRP Flex, one of France’s leading Saas solutions. CEGID creates innovative and efficient business management software tools, which help a variety of industries and functions such as retail, HR, payroll, tax and CPAs. Now CEGID users have the opportunity to get the most out of their CEGID data with Velixo.

With solutions to complement Acumatica, MYOB Advanced and now CEGID, Velixo is steadily growing it’s customer base across the globe and across ERP systems.

“I noticed the need for something simple yet effective, and that’s how Velixo began. Most accountants and finance teams have worked with Excel, and they often find themselves going back to Excel, even when they have advanced solutions in place. So I decided to create a solution to drive that data straight into Excel. It gives users the best of both worlds.”
Gabriel Michaud, Velixo Founder

When asked how Velixo is different from others, Gabriel said it’s not just the data being automatically loaded into Excel, but the fact users get an extra 60 functions on their Excel toolbar. “We have taken the simple product which is Excel and enhanced it. I am really passionate about the product we have created, and I get joy from seeing our clients succeed and enjoy the product.”

Richard Pignloy, Alliances Manager ISV at Cegid had this to say about the partnership: “The goal of our product is to improve efficiencies for our clients and help them run a better business. Velixo compliments this perfectly as a solution to our clients reporting needs. It allows them to get the most out of Cegid XRP Flex, whilst using a tool that accounting teams love – Excel. It’s simple yet very effective and we are proud to have Velixo join us as the latest ISV in our marketplace.”

Having recently launched Version 6, the Velixo development team is continually enhancing the product, with new features being released regularly. Some of the main features include:

For more information about Velixo and Cegid visit www.velixo.com, or contact us at [email protected].

About Velixo

Velixo is an award-winning provider of Excel-based reporting solutions for leading cloud ERP’s such as Acumatica, MYOB Advanced and CEGID XRP Flex. With Velixo, you can build financial, project, and other business reports in Excel with live ERP data in just a few minutes and get the answers you need. If you know Excel, you can do it!

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