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Velixo Report Templates, to accelerate time-to-value

Damien Zwillinger
1 min

We are thrilled to announce a new offering: Velixo’s Report Templates – a new set of productized reporting, budgeting/forecasting, and automation Excel workbooks built using Velixo, by Velixo.

Starting with our Financials Starter pack, and with plans to build a large library of Report Templates covering several ERP modules and industries, Velixo aims to accelerate users’ time-to-value, simplify customer onboarding, and provide additional value to its community of users.

With Velixo Report Templates, you can:

You may ask yourself… didn’t Velixo already have Templates?

We definitely did! And still offer those Sample templates. Our new Report Templates however differ from Sample Templates in the following ways:


With Report Templates, we expand our portfolio of products and continue to invest in our community. We believe Templates will accelerate time-to-value and further simplify implementations. Our partners and users can now very rapidly leverage these resources and customize them to their needs. This is an exciting development with plans to go much broader.

Here’s a gallery of our Financials Starter pack:

To learn more about Report Templates for:

And you can find and keep track of all Report Templates by navigating to:

Watch this space carefully, as we plan to add many more Reporting, Budgeting/Forecasting and Automation Templates across ERPs and industries.

If you’d like to suggest ideas for new Templates, please do so directly by suggesting new Ideas in our Idea Community forums, located in our Help portal.

Interested in learning more about Templates?

We used our extensive experience in ERPs and Excel to craft those templates. If you have any question, please don't hesitate!

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