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Velixo Case Study: Cornell Cooperative Extension

Jason Potoka
Case Study
3 min

Key Challenge

Before implementing Velixo and Acumatica, Cornell Cooperative Extension struggled to manage its growing operations with static, disconnected spreadsheets that quickly became out of date. Reporting was highly manual and time-consuming, causing significant delays.


With a need for quick access to information and easy integration into current systems, Velixo coupled with Acumatica was an ideal fit. It provided a variety of features, integrations, and reporting that drove increased efficiency and productivity throughout the organization.

About Cornell Cooperative Extension

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) is a dynamic education system connecting Cornell University’s world-class research with regional and county-based educators and partners across New York state. CCE educators develop programming that collects information and experience from their own communities to inform Cornell research and program development. With an extensive presence in New York, CCE is uniquely positioned to tailor opportunities and resources to match the diverse and ever-evolving needs of individual communities across the state.

Velixo: Game Changer

  1. Live Data: CCE staff have real-time information in their Excel workbooks without any manual effort required. Updating reports for a new period or subaccount is effortless.
  2. Minimal Learning Curve: It takes less than an hour to get new team members up and running with Velixo.
  3. Simplifying the Tech Stack: Many team members never need to log into the ERP, since view-only access to their workbooks is all they need!
  4. Smart Drilldown: An Executive Director can drill down on a figure during a presentation to the board and see associated transactions and documents, rather than waiting to follow up with the data.
  5. Distribution Lists: It takes less time and manual effort to send reports to the Board of Directors.
  6. Streamlining Month-End Close: Including Unposted Transactions is among the favorite Velixo features at CCE. It’s much easier to close the month with quick access to preliminary reporting.

For the PDF version of this Velixo Case Study, click here.

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