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Velixo 6 Launches To Over 300 Happy Customers

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February 11th, 2020

Velixo, an Acumatica ISV providing Excel-based reporting solutions for cloud based ERP’s, yesterday announced the release of Velixo version 6 for Acumatica. They celebrated the launch with a webinar, drawing over 300 businesses from around the world. The webinar showcased the latest features and enhancements, which Acumatica customers can now enjoy.

“Every new Velixo release is filled with impressive enhancements, improvements, and updates, most of which are based on user feedback,” said Gabriel Michaud, Founder of Velixo. “Velixo 6 is no exception to that. Whether it’s the ability to generate HTML emails based on a spreadsheet, the new dynamic reporting functions, or the ability to run a financial report by date, there’s something for everyone in Velixo 6!”

“Velixo has rapidly established itself as the leading reporting add-on in the Acumatica world,” said Gabriel.

“Users love it because of the flexibility of Excel and the power that it puts in their (non-IT) hands. It’s a must-have for any business running Acumatica or MYOB Advanced, and our unlimited users licensing model means it is an affordable solution that takes just a few minutes to deploy. We are proud to give our customers instant ROI!”

Velixo has received 5-star reviews across the Acumatica user landscape and continues to work with companies across multiple industries. The Excel-based solution allows users to get live data from their ERP into Excel in a matter of seconds, meaning they have peace of mind knowing that they are working with the most up-to-date data.

Velixo was founded in 2017, by Gabriel Michaud, after over 20 years of experience as an ERP Developer. “I realized the need for a simple yet sophisticated solution, that everyone can use, and doesn’t require the IT department to be on speed dial. Why reinvent the wheel? For those doing financial reporting and accounting, Excel is your favorite tool. So combining that with the power of an Acumatica ERP system meant our users get the best of both worlds.”

Velixo 6 is available today through the Acumatica partner channel and from the Acumatica Marketplace. Existing customers will receive an upgrade notification when they open Excel.

Velixo 6 will be launching for MYOB Advanced on February 16th.

About Velixo

Velixo is an award-winning provider of Excel-based reporting solutions for leading cloud ERP solutions such as Acumatica, MYOB Advanced and CEGID XRP Flex. With Velixo, you can build financial, project, and other business reports in Excel with live ERP data in just a few minutes and get the answers you need. If you know Excel, you can do it!

For more information, visit www.velixo.com

Media Contact: [email protected]


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