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To protect the privacy and safety of our clients, partners and users, Velixo:

This page provides extra information about the Velixo product and also details our security policies and practices for full transparency.


Velixo is an Excel-based reporting tool that adds a new toolbar to Excel and a set of functions specially designed to work with ERPs such as Sage Intacct, Acumatica, MYOB Advanced or Cegid. We support different modules of these ERPs such as:  General Ledger, Project Data, and Objects. Two different versions of Velixo are available:

ERP and User credentials security
APPLication-level security & Development practices
Personal data and Third-party sub-processors
Other sub-processors

Other sub-processors may be used by Velixo employees to store the minimum relevant set of information required to perform specific functions:

Velixo requires its customers to share access to their system only if required, and if applicable only after a web conference. If information about systems or credentials must be shared with Velixo, we recommend our customers to use online one-time secret tools, such as:


Despite our best efforts, our policies and practices, vulnerabilities can still occur. In the event that a vulnerability is discovered, please contact Velixo Support through our chat on immediately; we will then provide a secure channel to discuss the details.

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