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Quick Quack Car Wash – Client Case Study

Case Study
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Quick Quack Car Wash is the fourth largest car wash operator in the United States with almost 100 operating locations in Utah, Texas, California, Arizona and Colorado. Quick Quack has been recognized as an leader in environmentally-friendly and sustainable business and also as one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine and the Sacramento Business Journal.

The company was created in 2004 by Jason Johnson, the current President and CEO, who’s mission was to provide a service that was “Fast. Clean & Loved… Everywhere”.

Quick Quack Car Wash – Reporting needs 

Joseph Steele, Director of IT at Quick Quack Car Wash, explained the companies challenges before implementing Velixo Reports.

“We like to view our financial and related statistical data in various ways that were difficult, and in some cases impossible, via the standard Acumatica reporting module. We also operate many Quick Quack Branches in Acumatica, which makes report generation on a business unit level cumbersome within the standard Acumatica reporting module.”

Joseph described the biggest challenges for their businesses reporting included creating, modifying, or generating large financial sets in Acumatica.

“Acumatica’s order of operations can be difficult to work with. We also have to do calculations within our financials involving data in different ledgers for comparison against a third ledger, which was hard to get working right within Acumatica. Finally, we produce hundreds of different types of reports for financial users. Running and downloading reports one by one was tedious, and doing one mass report created formatting nightmares.”

After having difficulty with their Acumatica program, and whilst searching for new BI tools, their Acumatica partner Crestwood Associates, told them about Velixo. So in October 2019, Quick Quack invested in Velixo Reports.

We use Velixo on many things now. We have cut our financial report generation process down to minutes and not hours. We can turn around ad hoc financial requests instantaneously. We did our entire financial planning and budgeting model using Velixo. We are now introducing financial users to the product to run their own ad hoc reports, which is something we never would have attempted before. It has made our process fast, lean, and more transparent.”
Joseph Steele, Director of IT, Quick Quack Car Wash.

The Results 

As an Acumatica-first product, Velixo provides a tight integration and leverages the unique capabilities of your Acumatica cloud ERP with features such as Smart Drilldown, Smart Refresh, Writeback, consolidations and advanced security.

The main improvements for Quick Quack were:

Our Partner, Crestwood Associates, has formed a strong relationship with Quick Quack Car Wash. When Joseph was asked if he would recommend this product to other companies, here is what he had to say:

“We would recommend this product as it is better than any variant we have seen at a price point that is well worth the investment. All other products are too over built, rigid or require IT involvement to keep running. This is a perfect piggyback off existing infrastructure. It’s night and day difference.”

Interested in Velixo Reports?

To find out more about how Velixo Reports can help your business, head to our home page or contact us at [email protected] .

We would like to thank Joseph and the team at Quick Quack Car Wash for participating in our case study.

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