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“If you like Excel, you will LOVE VELIXO.”
Chantelle Yu, Accountant at Infratec.

Infratec is a small to medium firm operating in New Zealand, the Pacific and ASEAN region, specializing in the engineering, procurement and construction of renewable electricity distribution networks, specifically solar power with the overall aim of reducing diesel consumption. With an innovative team who aim to support and enable their clients by increasing local capability, Infratec offer solutions which will no doubt help businesses and more importantly the environment.

Using Velixo mainly for Project Cost Analysis and their monthly reporting, we spoke with Infratec Accountant Chantelle Yu, to find out more about her experience with Velixo. Chantelle joined Infratec in March 2019, and is involved in project management, daily and monthly financial operations and forecasting with sound advice.

What were the biggest challenges facing your company in terms of report writing before you found Velixo?

The biggest challenge for us was the amount of time taken to create reports and the accuracy of reports. We build our own project cost review reports, which are vulnerable to human error when the excel spreadsheet gets bigger and more complex, especially if there is more than one person inputting the data into Excel. Also, it takes our Project Managers a long time to do manual data entry when they need to be focused on more important matters.

How did you learn about Velixo?

I still remember the first time I heard about Velixo – it was referred to me by our business partner Eddie from Endeavour. He knows I am quite keen to use Excel, and we were looking for a job cost management tool, and he asked me to join a webinar which was about an Excel-based reporting tool for MYOB advanced. During that webinar, I saw that Velixo is really cool, as you can just use the formulas provided by Velixo and you can drive any live data from MYOB advanced into an excel spreadsheet at the click of a button. In addition, I have downloaded the sample project report from Velixo, and I realized this is exactly what we had been looking for.

What were the biggest improvements or the most beneficial features of the product for your business?

The most beneficial feature in my opinion is probably the GI functions, as I am always using this to build our own project cost reports. However, as GI functions can only be used with the latest version of Excel 365, so we are currently upgrading our MS 365 licenses so we can use them. I am very excited to be able to use the GI functions, as I believe it will be the biggest improvement for us.

Watch the video below to find out more about Velixo’s new Generic Inquiry Functions.

Did you or your team find Velixo hard to use or overly complicated?

I don’t think it is hard or complicated, it just takes few times initially to build the report, but once you are familiar with the formulas, it won’t take you long at all and you can build any format of report. For example I have now successfully built spreadsheets for the balance sheet, profit and loss, trial balance, forecast, budget, invoices summary, project cost analysis etc. 

Why would you recommend this product? What advice would you give other companies considering installing Velixo?

I definitely will recommend Velixo, because if you like Excel, then you will love Velixo. The advice I can give is to be familiar with the formulas, not just the inputting of the formula, but the theory of the formula, i.e. how does the formula work. Try to find as many resources as you can and watch them, learn and play with Velixo.

How was your experience with the team at Endeavour?

The Endeavour team is very nice and a great business partner. Eddie has been patient, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  Every time I have an issue with MYOB advanced, I will call him and he will sort it out immediately.

Interested in Velixo Reports?

To find out more about how Velixo Reports can help your business, head to our home page or contact our Pacific Region Distributor Alchemex Pty Ltd at [email protected].

We would like to thank Chantelle and the team at Infratec for participating in our case study.

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