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How to: Make Your Business More Efficient in 2020

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Around the world, many businesses have now asked their employees to work from home, or take leave, leaving offices quiet and offering time for reflection. We encourage business owners to use this time wisely, reviewing how they can make their businesses more efficient and implementing technology to do so.

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Why do financial reports make us more efficient?

Financial analysis and reporting are the bedrocks of modern business. They provide businesses with snapshots of their important activities. Here are some of the biggest benefits of financial reports.

In every aspect of life, and not just business, there are strengths, weaknesses and often trends. It is important to identify these and not just in the ‘ol faithful’ SWOT analysis. This needs to be done through analysis of data. Reporting can help identify trends both past and present. Enhancing strengths, improving weaknesses and strategically using trends to a business’s advantage is important.

Reporting provides access to insightful and accurate reports, and the faster they are made, the better. These reports form the basis of analysis helping you and your team make informed decisions quickly.

Reporting offers accurate and robust information to identify areas for improvement in financial activities. Data presented in the reports can show areas of improvement and decline when changes are made, helping us make better decisions, faster.

Why is financial reporting usually hard? 

In practice, accounting and financial reporting can be quite complicated! Typical reasons as to why reporting is hard include:

Thankfully the right tools are out there, like Velixo, to drive better business decisions, and organizations who are using them are already reaping the benefits.

So what is Velixo? 

Velixo compliments your Acumatica or MYOB Advanced program by allowing you to build financial and project reports in Excel with live data in less than 5 minutes.

Velixo Reports is an excel based reporting tool built for Acumatica and MYOB advanced. Velixo Reports adds a new toolbar to Excel and more than 50 functions specially designed to work with your General Ledger and Project data. It’s about efficiency for you and your team. Giving you the right information, quickly for better business decisions.

The good news is, if you already know how to use Excel, you know how to use Velixo.
Here are some more benefits of Velixo.

Velixo allows for unlimited user licensing, so you can grant access to anyone who needs it, at no extra charge. This gives your whole workforce the ability to use Velixo, to create accurate and informative reports.

Velixo is backed by the worldwide network and expertise of Acumatica Partners, and allows all users access to the online community and a self-service support portal.

What are the main features:

Want to know more about how Velixo can help you? Contact us today or tune into our webinar with Gabriel Michaud:

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From our team at Velixo, we would like to wish everyone a very safe and healthy April! See you at the webinar.

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