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Berthold Technologies – Client Case Study 

Case Study
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“Velixo Reports has helped our team at Berthold cut down report preparation time from 1.5 days to just a few minutes!”

Continual growth and advancements is important to us, and not just in the Velixo software we make. The ongoing customer service and support we provide to all of our customers is a vital component of our business. With clients worldwide, we endeavor to meet the needs of all of our stakeholders.

Our client Berthold Technologies USA, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee,  is a subsidiary of Berthold Technologies Germany.  They have knowledge and experience in physics, sensitive detection of light, nuclear radiation and microwave frequencies, modern electronics and software. They solve diverse measurement problems and are a supplier of innovative and up-to-date instruments of the highest quality worldwide.

“Velixo is a flexible, powerful yet easy to use solution that allows every Excel user to create financial and project reports efficiently and effectively.” 

Listening to our customers is vital for addings enhancements which serve a direct purpose to their businesses. In the past 2 years we have added many features based on customer needs such as GL writeback and Budget writeback.

We wanted to know more about Bertholds Velixo experience, so we recently spoke with Larry (Chip) Hooks, Controller at Berthold Technologies USA. With over 20 years experience in accounting management, Chip knows the importance of reporting.

Here is what Chip had to say.

Describe your organization’s strategic reporting needs

We have (3) divisions and (2) departments per each division (Sales and Service) that we generate reports for, plus a consolidated set. I generate local reports in a certain format and then generate reports in a different and specific format that is provided to our German parent company.

What were the biggest challenges facing your company in terms of report writing before you found Velixo? 

Berthold does not have a dedicated Systems Manager/Business Analyst for producing reports within Acumatica nor producing new reports.  Our finance department is comprised of (1) individual – myself. I have the skill sets to produce monthly reports and create new ones, however, time is limited for creating many new reports I would like to utilize.  Velixo provides the connector needed to integrate with Excel I can quickly create new reports and produce them in a much shorter time frame.

How did you learn about Velixo?

Berthold has a fantastic relationship with our Acumatica partner i-Tech Support.  I-Tech introduced myself to Velixo as a possible solution for my reporting needs. I was fortunate to hear about Velixo at Acumatica Summit in 2018 and then talk with Gabriel at Acumatica Summit 2019.

What were the biggest improvements or the most beneficial features of the product for your business?

1)     Excel connector has been a major time savings.  Velixo has allowed me to generate current reports and create new reports more efficiently and effectively.  It has allowed myself to process our US GAAP reports and provide them in the format our German company requires in a matter of minutes versus 1.5 days it took before.

2)     GL writeback is an amazing bonus for Berthold.  I was successful instituting Velixo into existing GL entries and with a click of a button, in the Velixo add-in, my Excel GL entry is written back into Acumatica and ready for my approval.

3)     I am looking forward to utilizing the budget write back functionality offered in Velixo.  Berthold has not utilized budgets before I came onboard, so this feature will assist me in all the budgets we would like to implement.

Why would you recommend this product? What advice would you give other companies considering installing Velixo?

I would recommend Velixo to anyone who likes the flexibility to modify existing or creating new reports quickly and efficiently.  Excel offers many more options for creating reports and Velixo provides the connector to allow the reports to be dynamic and interactive.  If a company is looking for efficiency and effectiveness with report, Velixo is a must. Also, any company with many GL entries or large GL entries, Velixo is a perfect tool to assist in your GL journal entry process.

Installation is extremely easy.  I was up and running within minutes and started creating my own reports based on the videos provided by the Velixo Blog.

“Velixo Reports has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes for my month- end financial statement preparation. I have found that Velixo is extremely user friendly, especially if an individual is a proficient user of Excel.  I couldn’t be happier. Excellent product.”
Larry Hooks

Interested in Velixo Reports? 

To find out more about how Velixo Reports can help your business, head to our home page or contact us at [email protected].

We would like to thank Chip Hooks and the team at Berthold Technologies USA for their continuous support of Velixo.

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