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Announcing Velixo Reports for Excel And Acumatica

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As you may have learned from my last blog post, one of my objectives with Velixo is to build a portfolio of unique products and services for the ERP market. My first product is Velixo Reports, an Excel add-in for financial reporting that’s specially designed for Acumatica.

Acumatica and Excel

What makes Velixo Reports unique?

As an Acumatica-first tool, Velixo Reports was designed with the cloud in mind. Retrieval of the data uses the OData protocol that’s natively supported by Acumatica, and no direct connection to the database is needed. To ensure the best possible performance and to minimize round-trips to the ERP server, frequently used data is cached locally to a SQLite database that is updated incrementally. This database is managed by the add-in and is transparent to the user — no configuration is needed.

The add-in also builds on the expertise that I acquired optimizing the ARM calculation engine in Acumatica for a company with 200 branches, 16 000 GL accounts and over 10 million GL entries in their database. The customer for whom I am building this for has a fairly complex setup as well, and I can guarantee that performance will always be the top priority.

Being Acumatica-native means that we can leverage the unique features of Acumatica — many ideas on the roadmap wouldn’t be possible if I had to support 5 different ERPs.

Downloading and installing the add-in

Creating your first spreadsheet

The first time you connect to a company, the system will prompt you to create the generic inquiries needed to support Velixo Reports:

Just click yes, and all the inquiries will be created and configured for you. During the process, the Excel status bar will update, showing you which inquiry the system is working on. The whole process takes about 15 seconds.

Please be aware that you need access to the Generic Inquiries page in Acumatica to do that. Once the inquiries have been created, you only need to have read access to the VelixoReports-*** inquiries (from the Hidden section of the site map) to be able to use the add-in.

Your first formula

The first parameter is the name of the connection that we created earlier — i’m using “Demo”. The second parameter required by this function is the account code. The account code is in the A1 cell, so we’re just going to click on the cell and Excel will automatically add a reference to the cell in the formula. Our completed formula should look like this:

Getting the balance of an account

Since it is the first time you’re calculating a value for this connection, ledger, and financial year, Velixo Reports will connect to Acumatica to retrieve and cache the required data. Subsequent calculations will be instant. In case you have doubts about the accuracy of the result, you can always go to Acumatica to double-check.

Ranges, wildcards and combining multiple accounts, subaccounts or branches

More Functions

A complete example

One thing you will notice is that I’ve placed the financial period in the B3 cell instead of hardcoding it in the formulas. That means that if I change it to something else, Excel will recalculate the spreadsheet instantly. To make formulas cleaner and easier to understand, I used the names features of Excel. That means I can simply type “AsOfPeriod” in my formulas instead of “B3”.

Named references are supported in Velixo Reports functions

Staying up to date

Automatic Updates


Sign up for a Velixo Reports webinar — be happy

If Acumatica Excel reporting is important to your organization, then the choice is obvious: Velixo is the only reporting-tool of its kind designed for Acumatica, by Acumatica experts. You can be up and running within a few minutes.

Visit our web site at www.velixo.com to learn more about Velixo Reports or sign up for one of our upcoming webinars and see why so many Acumatica customers trust Velixo for all their financial and project reporting needs.

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